Plant & Go Grounds Maintenance

Maintenance work can be stress free with our Plant and Go grounds maintenance vehicles, designed specifically to make loading safer and easier for you.

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Faster and Easier Loading for your Ground Equipment

The uniquely designed stowage method means that when ramps are not in use (drop sides and a full tailgate are optional), they lock into the side of the truck, to create an area in which smaller loose items can be carried easily, such as plants or small tools.

With a floor height of only 530mm, heavy lifting of maintenance tools and equipment is a thing of the past. Vehicles at Advanced KFS are designed to be flexible to your requirements with the ability to transform a drop side chassis into a fully-secured loading bay in minutes.

When being used as a traditional drop side to carry general items, the vehicle can carry a range of products from jet washers, lawn mowers to scaffolding.

No Special Licence Required

You no longer have to worry if employees have the necessary driving licence classification to drive maintenance vehicles.

This conversion has a gross weight of 3,500kg, meaning anyone with a standard UK licence can drive it.

Standard Features

  • Unique punched mesh surface
  • Low Floor Height of 500mm
  • 2.0 certified aluminium ramps
  • 2.2 litre engine
  • Minimum of 6 recessed lashing rings
  • Rope tie down points
  • Full width aluminum bulk head

Optional Features

  • LED light bar
  • Winch
  • Tow bar
  • Drop side
  • Commercial tail lift
  • Full width spring assisted tailgate

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