Amberon Reap the Benefits of Drop & Go
We've found the Drop & Go vehicle from Advanced KFS to be an invaluable tool since taking delivery of the first unit in September 2015, with reference to its proven low floor design. We are also finding in certain instances we are able to utilise a Drop & Go vehicle instead of a 7.5 tonne traffic management vehicle, which is resulting in considerable costs savings and Operator Licence administration.
Jay Lanchbury, Transport Manager, Amberon Ltd
Grounds Maintenance Transport Vehicle
We kept two panel vans in service, and we managed to extend their life. Two are used for verge cutting operations to carry hedge cutters and strimmers on the back. So we now have five vehicles on the fleet. But next year we may even consider another Plant and Go truck
Paul Stanley, Fleet and Transport Team Leader, Havant Borough Council
Passenger Carrier Vehicle
We currently operate 28 Liberty minibuses in a variety of applications. The vehicle has proved extremely popular with both drivers and passengers and since taking delivery of the first vehicle some 3 years ago we have seen a significant reduction in maintenance and off road costs.
Fleet Manager, Mick Jones, Northamptonshire County Council
Car Transporter Vehicle
When looking to replace my existing vehicle, which was also supplied by KFS, I didn’t want a recovery vehicle and spoke to KFS who recommended the Ultra; I needed a vehicle that offered me maximum payload within a 3.5 ton package, which is what the Ultra does.
Chris Ward, , Chris Ward Motors
Low Traffic Management Vehicle
We are always looking to encourage Innovation, in particular where there is a direct benefit to the health and welfare of the people who operate such vehicles and work in a dangerous and difficult environment. The vehicle we have taken from KFS has exceeded our expectations in every way; we were particularly impressed with the quality of workmanship and attention to detail throughout. We worked in partnership with KFS from initial concept all the way through the design and build process.
Martyn Long, Transport Manager, Highway Traffic Management Ltd
Plant Hire Vehicle
Plantool have been operating a Plant & Go vehicle for some 18 months now and have found the unit to be particularly flexible with regards to the deck height for loading and unloading of the full range of equipment we offer. The unit has proved both reliable and extremely economical, and removed the need to tow a trailer allowing anybody in the company to drive the vehicle without worrying if they have the correct classification on their licence.
Ben Jones, Operations Director, Plantool Ltd